Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keith "Tiny" Gallon- Winning Comes First

Keith "Tiny" Gallon is almost always the biggest guy on the court, at approximately 6'9 and 295 pounds. Despite his large frame, "Tiny" is regarded as a top-notch player, evidenced by the fact that he was ranked 16th on the list of the top 25 players at the Primetime Shootout, in the event's official program. In fact, Gallon was ranked as the fifth highest ranked junior on the list. The junior forward on the Oak Hill (VA) Warriors talked with me on Friday night after his team demolished Piscataway.

NB: Coming into the game playing against a local public school from around here, with the fans being into the game, what was your focus?
KG: To win, basically. Just to win. Just to go out there and have a good game.

NB: Was there anything specific [that] you guys were trying to do to stay focused and keep your mind on the task at hand during the game as you guys starting running away with it?
KG: Basically, just go out there and play our game. Go out there and just have a good game, keep playing.

NB: During the first half, Piscataway was really sticking with you guys. What changed in the second half that [caused] you guys to run away with the game?
KG: Coach [Steve] Smith told us to go out there, and bust our tails, just go out there and keep playing.

NB: What are you excited for most about college basketball in two years?
KG: Being on TV, and playing in front of my mom and my family.

NB: What are you guys looking to do the rest of the season?
KG: Just keep winning, and hopefully be 35-3 by the end of the season.

Well, the team won't be finishing with three losses, after being defeated by the Celtics of St. Patrick's on Saturday, but that doesn't mean they won't do some damage of the rest of the way. The Warriors' roster is loaded with talent from grades 12 through 10, and they are primed to maintain their repuatation as one of the best teams in the nation. Gallon's win-first menatality could allow him to be one of the team's main leaders next season, in his senior year. Keith is a superb talent, and if he drops a few pounds, he could turn into a spectacular player.

Note- photo is from http://scouthoops.scout.com

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