Friday, February 8, 2008

Primetime Shootout Live Blog- St. Anthony vs. John Carroll

Hello, it's Alex Schwartz, and I'll be running a live blog from the Primetime Shootout at the Louis Brown Athletic Center on the Rutgers campus. I'll be starting it off with the St. Anthony (NJ) vs. John Carroll (MD) game. St. Anthony (18-0) is led by Mike Rosario, one of the the top seniors in New Jersey. St. Anthony's junior Dominic Cheek is not in the starting lineup for the Friars. John Carroll (18-8) boasts a talented lineup, which includes 7-4 center, Jakub Kusmieruk.

6:00pm- John Carroll just called a timeout, with 3:02 to go in the first quarter. St. Anthony is up 12-0, and John Carroll is off to a really rocky start. Their shots are off, and they can't stop St. Anthony on the other end of the floor.

6:02pm- I just learned that the reason Dominic Cheek is not playing is that he is sick. If I hear anything more, specifically about his status, I'll be sure to let you know.

6:03pm- John Carroll just hit their first bucket, a three-pointer from junior guard Erick Smith, putting the score at 19-3. St. Anthony is showing why they are regarded as the best team in the nation.

6:05pm- Another three from John Carroll, this one from junior guard Ryan McQuaid. The shots are starting to fall for the Patriots. We'll see if they can make it into a close game.

6:06pm- The first quarter just ended, with St. Anthony ahead 21-6.

6:12pm- St. Anthony's is playing up to their #1 ranking, as they lead John Carroll by a score of 37-12. Mike Rosario is lighting it up out here. This kid can play.

6:19pm- Update: 40-14 St. Anthony with just under three minutes to go in the first half.

6:22pm- St. Anthony just forced a turnover on the second straight John Carroll posession. The Friars' defense is outstanding tonight.

6:23pm- Alberto Eastwick grabbed a loose ball and hit a buzzer beater from about 18-feet, to put St. Anthony up 50-16 going into the half. This has been an extremely impressive first half for the Friars on both ends of the court.

6:35pm- Carroll came out strong for the second half, as Isaiah Philmore blocked St. Anthony first shot attempt and then grabbed the ball. The Patriots were unable to convert at the other end, though, as Philmore was called for a charge.

6:37pm- Mike Rosario . . . WOW! The senior just dribbled three-quarters of the court, got to the hoop, had to adjust his shot in the air for the layup, and still knocked it in off the glass. Next time down the court, he got fouled hard going up for a layup and went 1/2 from the line.

6:38pm- McQuaid just hit another three for Carroll. The score is now 53-19 in favor of the Friars with 5:49 left in the third quarter.

6:39pm- Rosario just went 2/2 at the line. It's 55-19.

6:40pm- Kusmieruk just scored for the Patriots. He is absolutely huge. Not only is he tall, but he has a good body structure. Kusmieruk is not wiry at all.

6:53pm- It's 63-23 after three quarters.

7:09pm- St. Anthony is continuing to dominate, even with their backups in. This team is outstanding.

7:10pm- Final score: 71-38.

7:31pm- Mike Rosario won MVP of the game with his 23 points.

7:32pm- I spoke with Tyshawn Taylor of St. Anthony after the game, and I'll put up a synopsis of that later tonight. He did mention that Dominic Cheek was most likely going to resume practice on Monday and play on Tuesday.

7:55pm- I spoke with St. Anthony's coach Bob Hurley just now, and I'll also be putting that up when I get the chance.

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