Saturday, February 9, 2008

Live Blog- St. Benedict's vs. Our Savior New American

The game between Our Savior New American (NY) and St. Benedict's (NJ) has been pretty goo so far. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch much because I have been very busy. The game is already in the third quarter, but I'll fill you in. St. Benedict's is led by Samardo Samuels, who had 29 points last night against St. Patrick's. Our Savior has Gerardo Suero, who is a solid senior guard.

5:31pm- With 30.4 seconds left in the third quarter, it's 55-43 in favor of St. Benedict's.

5:36pm- The score is 62-46 with about 6:20 to go int the game, after a three-ball from Suero.

5:38pm- Tamir Jackson has 24 points, including six three-pointers for St. Benedict's. For OSNA, Gerardo Suero has 24 points.

5:41pm- OSNA is cutting down the lead down. The score is 67-56 now. There is just over four minutes to go in the game.

5:46pm- Rayner Moquete just hit a three for the Pioneers of Our Savior New American. It's now a 10-point gam. 71-61. The clock is showing 1:19.

5:49pm- Samardo Samuels is unguardable in the low post. OSNA cannot stop him. Meanwhile, on offense, Suero is trying to do whatever he can, but one player can only do so much, and he has lost the ball a few times.

5:50pm- The game just ended. The Gray Bees of St. Benedict's won 77-63.

6:24pm- Tamir Jackson was the MVP for the Gray Bees, and Gerado Suero was the award recipient for the Pioneers. I just talked to both of them Again, I'll be putting up this interviews when my time allows!

6:32pm- Samardo Samuels fnished the game with 25 points. Tamir Jackson dropped 26, and Greg Echenique added 12 for the Gray Bees. For OSNA, Gerardo Suero scored 28 points, and Rayner Moquete had 17. Jackon had six threes, while Suero had three.

6:46pm- I just spoke with Samardo Samuels. I'll fill you in later.

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