Saturday, February 9, 2008

Live Blog- Oak Hill vs. St. Patrick's

The Warriors of Oak Hill (VA) is a strong squad, led by Arizona-bound senior guard Brandon Jennings. The Celtics from St. Patrick's (NJ) have a deep lineup that includes North Carolina-committ junior guard Dexter Strickland and Kansas-bound senior forward Quintrell Thomas. I'll fill you in on what has been transpiring here.

10:32pm- There is 4:10 left in the second quarter, and the Celtics have jumped out to a 26-16 lead over the Warriors.

10:33pm- St. Pat's freshman forward Mike Gilchrist just got up real high and knocked down a jumper, responding to Pe'Shon Howard's bucket for Oak Hill. Howard is a sophomore swingman, one of two tenth graders on the Warriors' roster, with the other being forward Bryon Allen.

10:37pm- St. Pat's is up ten, 32-20, after buckets from Strickland then Gilchrist. There is just 2:11 left in the half. So far, the Celtics are in total control of this game.

10:39pm- Keith "Tiny" Gallon, a junior forward on Oak Hill, does seem to be moving better tonight than he was yesterday against Piscataway. He got back real quickly on D after an Oak Hill turnover just now. The big man is still a bit sluggish getting back for offense, though.

10:41pm- Brandon Jennings hit a three-ball to close out the half. St. Pat's will be taking a 34-23 lead into the second half.

10:58pm- We are 1:10 into the third quarter, and Oak Hill has cut the lead down to five, 34-29, starting the half on a 6-0 run.

10:59pm- Paris Bennett, a St. Pat's junior guard, just scored to give the Celtics their first points of the second half.

11:01pm- Glenn Bryant scored for Oak Hill to cut teh lead back down to five. By the way, Gallon is definitely being a bit more active on D tonight.

11:02pm- Brandon Jennings stole the ball after the Celtics' in-bounds pass. He put the ball in the hole, and the lead is down to three.

11:04pm- St. Pat's is ahead 40-33, with 3:33 left in the third quarter.

11:07pm- B. Jennings sprinted down the court just now and got fouled. He is FAST!

11:09pm- Two free throws from Oak Hill forward Dan Jennnings, and a fast break layup from Brandon Jennings, has cut the lead down to three, 40-37.

11:10pm- Mike Gilchrist hit two free throws, and then B. Jennnings drained a jumper at the other end. Brandon is coming on strong in the second half. He is starting to show his brilliant talents.

11:11pm- B. Jennings just missed a three. At the other end, Kevin Boyle, Jr. made a beatiful pass to Dexter Strickland who finished for the Celtics. Oak Hill responded at the other end with a deuce. The Warriors are down 44-41 with 1:19 left in the third. By the way, Boyle, Jr. is the head coach's son, and he is a junior guard.

11:14pm- WOW! That was a beauty of a play from Brandon Jennings. He was coming down the left side, went behin his back towards the right, and he spotted up for a fadeaway jump-shot that fell through. Absolutely gorgeous play from the star senior.

11:16pm- Jermel Jenkins hit a three for the Celtics, and then St. Pat's head coach Kevin Boyle was called for a technical foul. Brandon Jennings hit both free throws, then missed a buzzer-beater after the in-bounds. He dropped 12 that quarter. Oak Hill trails by two, 47-45, heading into the last eight minutes of regulation of the game, as well as the night here at Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey.

11:20pm- Quintrell Thomas opened the fourth quarter with his first two points of the night, but he was then short on an and-one attempt.

11:21pm- Dan Jennings scored on a put-back jam, closing the gap, as the Celtics are up just two now, 49-47.

11:22pm- Strickland is at the line for St. Pat's afer being fouled by B. Jennings. Dexter hit the second of two. The lead is three.

11:23pm- There was bad communication there from the Warriors, as Bryon Allen passed to Glenn Bryant, but he was moving away from the pass, and the ball sailed out-of-bounds.

11:24pm- Quintrell Thomas went 1/2 at the line, making it a four-point game. B. Jennings sank a long three at the other end, lessening the lead to just one. Then Quintrell Thomas had a nice two-handed slam dunk. The lead is back to three.

11:26pm- St. Pat's had three shots on offense this past time, but could not connect. Oak Hill seezed the opportunity and Brandon Jennings scored on a pass from Pe'Shon Howard. Quintrell Thomas then added two more points on free throws. The Warriors couldn't come away with any points at the other end.

11:28pm- With 3:43 left in the game, the Celtics of St. Patrick's lead the Warriors of Oak Hill by a score of 55-52.

11:32pm- Dexter Strickland hit both ends of a one-and-one and the lead for St. Pat's is back up to five.

11:34pm- Brandon Jennings is extremely quick. He just chased down Dexter Strickland and knocked the ball away from the junior, as he was headed for a fast break layup.

11:35pm- Paris Bennett knocked down a jumper from about 13 feet, pushing the lead back to seven.

11:36pm- Dexter Strickland just hit the second of two free throws. The lead is eight.

11:37pm- "Tiny" Gallon just received the in-bounds pass in the front-court. He then tossed the ball into the backcourt to a teammate, and it was a backcourt violation on the Warriors.

11:38pm- Junior guard Brian Oliver just had a hard foul on Strickland, who then hit both shots from the line. That extends the lead back to double-digits.

11:40pm- Paris Bennett knocked down the first of two free throws, so the lead is 11.

11:41pm- B. Jennings scored to close out the game. St. Patrick's comes away with a 63-54 win. The Celtics are clearly estatic about the victory.

12:04pm- Well, it's mid-day Sunday already, but I wanted to fill you in real quick. Brandon Jennings and Mike Gilchrist won MVP for their respective teams. After the big game, I taled with Paris Bennett and Dexter Strickland of St. Pat's, and Brandon Jennings of Oak Hill. I'll fill you in when I have the time!

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