Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lance Goulbourne- A Real Student-Athlete

The Raiders of Hun (NJ) knocked off the St. Augustine Hermits (NJ) in an in-state showdown on Saturday at the Prime Time Shootout. A key part of the Raiders' victory was 6'8 senior Lance Goulbourne. The do-it-all forward will be playing ball in the SEC next year at Vanderbilt. He most likely won't be able to be a major contributor as a frshman on an up-and-coming, loaded Commodores squad, but down the road, Lance has the abilities to turn into a top-notch SEC ballplayer. I spoke with Goulbourne after his team's win on Saturday.

NB: So that was a big win for you guys. The first quarter the game was really close, [then] you guys started to pull away in the second quarter. How’d you take control of that game?
LG: I think we just started to calm down a little bit. [The] first quarter we were just a little bit cold, we weren’t ready to play, and we had to come back and prove ourselves and show that we can play with everybody. We just had to calm down and get ready to play, that’s all, we came out a little slow.

NB: You came out in the second quarter. It looked like you came back with your wrist wrapped up. What happened there?
LG: I didn’t even realize, the ref pointed out that I had a gash right here. As you see, it’s still bleeding, but I didn’t even know it. He saw the blood on my jersey and I just had to come out and get it taped up.

NB: [Are you] alright now?
LG: Yeah, I’m good.

NB: So you’ve committed to Vanderbilt. . . . What went into that decision [to play] in the SEC. How’d you pick Vanderbilt?
LG: Well, they were the first high-major school to offer me a scholarship, and I just felt comfortable with them since my sophomore year. [On] my official visit, that’s just the place I felt the most at home [of all the schools I went to], and the city, I come from New York City [so it would be an easy transition], and I felt real comfortable with the coaches. My family was happy with the decision. It’s a great academic institution, and I was just happy with the choice.

NB: Have you decided what you are going to major in yet?
LG: Business most likely. I haven’t decided what aspect yet, but that’s what I want to do.

NB: So, this is your senior season. Anything you want to accomplish the rest of the way this year?
LG: Yeah, I just want to repeat everything we did last postseason, win the state championship, and our league championship.

There are three things that stand out to me from that interview: Lance is concerned with education, loves to win, and plays through injury. Those are three traits that every athlete should have, but not all do. Goulbourne has a nice all-around game that should help him develop into a solid college player. In Lance, the Vanderbilt Commodores are not only getting one of the best seniors in New Jersey, but a player to continue building the basketball program on. All said, Goulbourne has the tools to be a successful student-athlete, both in the classroom and on the court.

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