Sunday, February 10, 2008

Live Blog- American Christian vs. South Kent

This game between American Christian (PA) and South Kent (CT) features two of the top prep schools in the nation. The Eagles of ACA are led by senior guard Tyreke Evans, while the Cardinals of South Kent have a deep roster with a lot of height, that includes 7-foot senior forward Assane Sene, 6'9" junior forward Jin Soo Kim, and 6'2" sophomore guard Dion Waiters. This should be a great matchup.

6:36pm- ACA has taken a 5-2 lead after about three minutes of play.

6:37pm- The Eagles played yesterday, and they beat Rancocas Valley. Lamont Jones, a junior guard had a great game. Tyreke Evans has a bad ankle, and didn't play up to par yesterday.

6:38pm- Senior guard Isaiah Thomas drained a three to tie the game at five. Jeremiah Kelly, a post-grad guard, hit a three at the other end to put ACA back on top.

6:41pm- Lamont Jones is at the line with his team down 9-8. Jones hit the second of two free throws. It's tied up at nine with 2:09 left in the first quarter of play.

6:43pm- Isaiah Thomas knocked down another three, putting the Cardinals up 12-9.

6:45pm- The first quarter just ended with South Kent leading 12-9. Isaiah Thomas, who is headed to Washington next year, showed a great touch from outside.

6:49pm- Lamont Jones knocked down two free throws. ACA is down 17-11. Jones hit a three his next time down the court. It seems that Tyreke Evans isn't playing, by the way. His ankle is probably hurting him.

6:53pm- Assane Sene missed a jump-shot, but was able to grab the rebound. That set-up a basket by Jin Soo Kim. Devyn Erwin, an ACA junior forward had a deuce at the other end, and then Maurice Creek, a senior guard, scored for South Kent, and they now lead 23-18 with just under three minutes left in the half.

6:56pm- Jin Soo Kim blocked a shot by Oscar Griffin, an ACA junior wing. ACA got the ball, though, and then Jin Soo Kim came up with the loose ball. Griffin then scored when ACA got the ball back. Isaiah Thomas then hit another trey.

6:57pm- The Cardianls are out in front by a score of 26-20.

7:00pm- Sophomore forward George Harper was 1/2 at the line. Kelly then hit a deuce for ACA. Jin Soo Kim had a bucket at the buzzer to send the Eagles into the locker room with a 30-24 lead.

7:11pm- Lamont Jones and Isaiah Thoams both had a great first half. I'll let you know how the play in the final 16 minutes.

7:12pm- Jervan Jackson, a post-grad forward on South Kent, hit the first of two at the line. Assane Sene picked up the loose ball after the second shot and got fouled tryingt to put it back up. Sene also hit the first of two at the stripe. At the other end, Jeremiah Kelly drained a three-ball.

7:14pm- Averson Matthews, a 6'10" post-grad center on ACA, grabbed an offensive board and scored a basket.

7:15pm- Dion Waiters had a nice play, coming from the baseline for a beautiful dunk.

7:17pm- Josh Spivey, an ACA senior guard, had an offensive board and then a deuce.

7:18pm- Isaiah Thomas knocked down yet another trey, this time right near the corner. He is playing an amazing game for the Cardinals, and they have a six-point cushion, 39-33, with just under 4:00 to go in the third quarter.

7:19pm- Assane Sene has great height at 7-foot, he is mobile, seems to have a solid basketball IQ, and is good on the glass, but if the big man wants to be successful in college, he is going to need to put on some weight. Sene will be playing in the ACC next year, at the University of Virginia.

7:25pm- George Harper had a tip-in for ACA. Jervan Jackson came back with a bucket for South Kent at the other end. The Cardinals lead 44-36 with under a minute left in the third.

7:27pm- Lamont Jones was just 1/2 at the stripe, so the Cardinals' lead is down to seven.

7:28pm- Jeremiah Kelly came up short on a buzzer-beater from the three-point line. Thus, ACA has a seven-point defecit to make up in the fourth quarter, as they are down 44-37.

7:31pm- Kelly hit one of two at the stripe, and South Kent's lead is down to five. He was then long on a three from the corner American Christian's next time down the court.

7:33pm- Isaiah Thomas ran the fast break and hit an uncotested finger roll, pushing the Cardinals' lead back out to seven.

7:34pm- Oscar Griffin drove to the rack, came in towards Jin Soo Kim, went up-and-under and almost hit it, but he did draw a foul.

7:35pm- South Kent is ahead by si, 46-40, with 5:39 left in regulation.

7:37pm- Josh Spivey drove to rim, got up and dropped it off to Averson Matthews, who finished with a layup. The Eagles have cut the lead down to four.

7:39pm- Senior forward, Kieran Ramsey, hit two at the charity stripe for South Kent, and the lead is back to six.

7:40pm- Lamont Jones drained a three. His outside shot is absolutely rediculous. He has great range and is consistent from beyond the arc. He will wreak havoc in college two years from now with that jump-shot. It's seemingly unguardable. By the way, Jones is committed to Louisvile.

7:43pm- Jones ran by Thomas on the fast break for a layup, cutting South Kent's lead down to four. The Eagles have played great without their superstar, Tyreke Evans. Lamont Jones has stepped up his game for the second straight day due to Evans' injury.

7:48pm- Lamont Jones hit one of two from the line, and South Kent is now up by just three with a little over one minute to go.

7:49pm- After a missed free throw on the front end of a one-and-one by South Kent, ACA forced a jump ball and got posession. The Eagles tied the game up with a three-pointer.

7:52pm- ACA has the ball out-of-bounds with 21.7 to play.

7:53pm- Lamont Jones waited too long to get to the hoop, so he was forced to take a long jumper that came up short. This game is headed to overtime, with the score 51-51, after a great fourth quarter by American Christian.

7:55pm- American Christian has scored a quick seven points to take a 58-51 lead.

7:56pm- Sene grabbed a big rebound for the Cardinals, but their three-ball at the other end came up short. Josh Spivey is at the line for a one-and-one after being fouled by Maurice Creek. Spivey missed the front end. Sene got fouled going for the rebound, and he will be at the stripe for two shots. Let's see how the big man shoots from the line. His first shot got nothing but net. Sene's second shot was also good.

7:58pm- Oscar Griffin scored for ACA on a fast break, pushing the back up to seven.

7:59pm- Isaiah Thomas is at the line for three after being fouled by Harper. He hit all three. That is why you don't foul a jump-shooter.

8:00pm- Jones is at the line for ACA after Creek fouled him in the backcourt. The junior made both shots. The lead is six.

8:01pm- Thomas hit yet another three to cut the American Christian lead down to three.

8:02pm- Jin Soo Kim got his fourth personal foul, sending Jones to the charity stripe. He hit the second of two. Isaiah Thomas then hit ANOTHER three-pointer. ACA is up by just one point with 54.5 seconds to play, and Jonesis at the line.

8:03pm- Jones hit the first of two, but was able to pick up the loose ball after he missed the second. Jones is back at the line with 45.5 to go.

8:05pm- After Jones hit the first, the players kept trading spots, holding up the second shot for quite a bit of time. Jones did knock down the second shot eventually, though! I don't think I've ever seen that happen before.

8:06pm- Thomas missed a three from the corner, and then Kelly was fouled with 30.1 left. He hit both shots at the line.

8:07pm- American Christian comes away with a 68-62 win after two missed shots from South Kent. That was a big come-from-behind victory for the Eagles, playing without Tyreke Evans.

8:09pm- Isaiah Thomas won MVP for the Cardinals, with 31 points, nine of which were in OT. Lamont Jones was the MVP for ACA. He had seven in the fourth quarter and eight in overtime. He won MVP in both of ACA's games this weekend.

8:27pm- Isaiah Thomas was nice enough to talk to me after the tough loss, and I'll fill you in on our talk when I have a chance. I have a lot of interviews to post.

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