Thursday, February 14, 2008

Omar Smith- It's Not Over Until the Buzzer Sounds

Omar Smith one of six seniors on the Piscataway (NJ) Chiefs. The 6'1 guard was the team's MVP after their tough loss on Friday night to Oak Hill (VA). Despite scoring just seven points, Smith stood out to those who made the decison on the award recipients. After the game, Omar talked to me about his team's performance against the Warriors.

NB: You guys had a tough game out there. The first half, you were really stick with them. What happened in the second half?
OS: They were the better team today. They got out on transition and that’s what really killed us.

NB: Oak Hill is a national powerhouse. Heading up to this game, what was [the team’s] mindset?
OS: We just took it as a regular game, as any old other game that we would play. We just never made any special changes or anything. . . . We just took it as a regular game.

NB: Was the intensity level higher at the beginning of the game?
OS: We were pumped. We were ready to play. The intensity was through the roof. We were just ready.

NB: As the game progressed and Oak Hill started to pull away . . . how’d you guys stay in the game and keep working?
OS: Well we never put our heads down. We knew we had to keep playing hard, that’s all. The game wasn’t over, the game’s never over, just keep playing hard. Play for 32 minutes.

NB: What was it like winning MVP against Oak Hill at the Primetime Shootout [on this] national stage? What was that moment [like] for you, when they announced your name?
OS: It was a good moment. It’s big, it’s big. . . . It would have been better if would have came out with the W.

Smith clearly has a true ballplayer's mentality. He wants to succeed perosnally, and wants his team to win game. As well, the senior knows that a game is never over until the buzzer sounds. That's something you have got to love.

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