Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lamont Jones- Star Sharpshooter

Lamont Jones of the American Christian (PA) Eagles was one of the most impressive players at the 2008 Prime Time Shootout. The 6'0 junior guard displayed an amzing shot from downtown, and was the Eagles' MVP in their games on both Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th. "MoMo" as he is called, is a point guard with the ability to shoot lights-out, and that's not something you see everyday, especially at the high school level. After Jones' outstanding performance on the 9th against Rancocas Valley (NJ), he took a few minutes to talk with me.

NB: Lamont, you had a great game out there today, [including] six threes in the third quarter. What went into that?
LJ: Coach told me . . . I was wasn’t being a aggressive enough, and I just came out [for the second half] and I just stroked it.

NB: You guys in the first half were in a real battle there. Rancocas [Valley] was really sticking with you guys. When you started playing well in the third quarter, you guys seemed to really take control of the game. Did the team feed off your energy? Is that what really kept you guys going?
LJ: Most definitely.

NB: After the game, you won the MVP award. What was it like standing up there with Jason Williams?
LJ: Oh man, it was great, it was great, it was great, it was great.

NB: So you guys had good game put there, you guys are a good team. [Are there] any goals you have for the rest of the season this year, both personally and team-wise?
LJ: Personally, just get better defensively, and team-wise, to win a national championship.

NB: So, you’re just a junior, but I’m sure you’ve started thinking abut colleges. Are there any schools that are at the top of your list?
LJ: Well, right now, I’m recently committed to Louisville.

NB: What went into that decision to pick Louisville?
LJ: Coach Pitino, he’s a great coach. Edgar Sosa, he’s like my brother. Everybody, they all supported me.

To let everyone know, I talked with Lamont earlier today and he let me know that he has de-committed from Louisville. His recruitment is now completely re-opened at this point. The junior is a top-notch talent, and schools with available scholarships for the class of 2009 should definitely take a look at Jones. "MoMo" is the type of player who can be a great help to a program.

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