Sunday, February 10, 2008

Live Blog- Trenton Central vs. Christ the King

Trenton Central (NJ) and Christ the King (NY) are facing off in another NY/NJ showdown. The Tornadoes of TCHS are one of the top public school teams in New Jersey, and are led by senior center Lorenzo Freeman. The Royals of Christ the King are a high-quality group, featuring senior guard Ryan Pearson, sophomore center Roland Brown, and senior guard Erving Walker. The game is already at halftime. I'll catch you up on what has been happening.

4:06pm- Christ the King is up 32-12 heading into the break.

4:15pm- For those of you that don't know, Erving Walker is a really special player. He is just 5'8", but is a phenomenal point guard, not letting his size hold him back. Walker will be a Florida Gator next season, so it's clear that he has immense talent.

4:22pm- The Royals have a commanding 23-point lead, after a trey from Pearson. It's 42-19 with around 4:00 left in the third.

4:23pm- Senior guard Alzavier Upshur just made a nice play and finished it with a bucket.

4:25pm- TCHS refuses to give up, and they are startingto make some plays. The lead has been cut down to 17, 42-25.

4:26pm- Erving Walker just made two nice passes to a teammate on the low post but neither time would the close-up shot fall. The Royals did get two points off free throws, though, as the recipient of the second pass, Pearson, was fouled.

4:28pm- Senior forward Darelle Robinson brought on a huge cheer from the crowd, as he skied and emphatically jammed the ball through the hoop on a fast break.

4:30pm- Christ the King is ahead 44-27 with 29.9 left in the third quarter. Ryan Pearson is stepping to the line after being fouled on the low post. He hit both shots from the stripe. The senior has displayed a versatile game, as he is a guard, but is able to bang down low with the bigs, as he is 6'5".

4:32pm- Sean Johnson, a junior guard for the Royals, was called for a technical foul. The Tornadoes got a point at the line, then Darren Elam, a junior guard, drained a trey, cutting the lead down to 15.

4:35pm- Christ the King was up 15 entering the fourth quarter, as they missed a long buzzer-beater at the end of the third.

4:37pm- The Royals are dominating in te hopening minutes of the fourth quarter. They have pushed the lead back to 22, as Lorenzo Freeman just hit a deuce for the Tornadoes. Senior guards Eving Walker and Anthony Martin are playing very well for Christ the King.

4:40pm- Pearson just converted on an alley-oop, slamming it home.

4:44pm- Darren Elam had a nice block at one end, and Lorenzo Freeman had a bucket at the other. The Tornadoes are down by 18 with just over 1:00 to go.

4:45pm- Elam had a bucket, and then Christ the King answered with a trey. The Royals are up 19 with 31.5 remaining.

4:47pm- Sophomore forward Dominykas Milka is 6'8", but looks even bigger. He is big, and just had a block on D for the Royals and then an offensive board at the other end.

4:48pm- Christ the King is the winner by a score of 64-47.

4:49pm- The MVP award for the Tornadoes was given to Darren Elam, as he dropped 17. The honor for Christ the King was given to Erving Walker. He scored 13 points.

5:13pm- I talked with Lorenzo Freeman of TCHS, as well as Erving Walker and Ryan Pearson of Christ the King after the game. I'll get those up on the site sometime soon.


Hugh said...

More Pearson updates please

North Star Basketball said...

Check back later this week and read my interview with Ryan Pearson. To let you know, though, Pearson and I discussed the game, his reasoning for picking GMU, etc.