Sunday, February 10, 2008

Live Blog- Montrose Christian vs. Paterson Catholic

Paterson Catholic (NJ) is sometimes overshadowed due to the numerous national powers in New Jersey, but the Cougars are a great team in their own right. Their roster includes star sophomores Fuquan Edwin, a swingman, Trevor Clemmings, a big man, and Jayon James, a swingman, as well as senior swingman Jordan Theodore. The Mustangs of Montrose Christian have a great lineup from top to bottom, but it's foward Isaiah Armwood, forward Terrell Vinson, and guard Tristan Spurlock, all of whom are juniors, that get most of the attention. This should bea teriffic contest between two top-notch teams.

2:10pm- Sophomore swingman Shaquille Thomas has put Paterson Catholic ahead by a deuce with a nice move down-low and he drew contact for a foul, but couldn't connect on the and-one.

2:11pm- Paterson Catholic is up 6-2 after about two minutes of play.

2:13pm- Two staright three-balls from Montrose has put them up 8-6. The second trey was by Vinson. Paterson Catholic answered with a deuce, to tie the game at eight.

2:15pm- Fuquan Edwin missed a long jumper and didn't follow his shot. If he had, he probably could have come up with the loose ball, as it slipped by the players in the low post and went back towads him. Edwin has to follow that shot.

2:18pm- Paterson Catholic senior guard Wayne Mack got to the hole on a fast break, hit the shot, got fouled, and turned it into a three-point play.

2:19pm- Wayne Mack drained a three with just a few seconds left in the quarter, and Montrose missed a LONG buzzer-beater. The Cougars are up nine, 19-10, entering the second quarter.

2:22pm- Theodore made a beautiful pass on the run to Thomas, but he traveled with the ball.

2:23pm- Terrell Vinson has just scored the first points of the quarter.

2:24pm- Vinson just hit another shot. The Cougars' lead is down to five.

2:25pm- Jayon James and Vinson just traded buckets, so the lead stays at five with 4:45 left in te hhalf. Vinson is on fire right now, as he has all of the Mustangs' points this quarter.

2:26pm- A nice play from Jordan Theodore has pushed the Paterson Catholic lead back out to seven.

2:31pm- Junior guard Dominic Milburn missed a jumper from around half-court at the buzzer, so Montrose will be down 11 when the game resumes after the break. PAterson Catholic leads 30-19 after one half of play.

2:41pm- Vinson and Theodore were the most impressive guys in the first half. I'll be sure to let you know how they play in the second half.

2:44pm- Spurlock had a tip-in off a missed shot for a bucket. Spurlock's basket was the first of the second half.

2:45pm- Armwood was called for a technical foul. Theodore is taking the shots of the Cougars. He hit both of them, and the lead is back to 11.

2:46pm- Micah Fraction, a freshman guard for the Mustangs, drove to the outside of Wayne Mack, and banked the ball off the glass for a bucket. Superb play from the freshman.

2:47pm- Jayon James made a nice pass to Shaquille Thomas, and he knocked down a mid-range jumper.

2:48pm- On back-to-back plays, both teams were called for charges. Montrose Christian has five team fouls, and Paterson Catholic has three.

2:49pm- There was just another charge called on the Mustangs. Three of the last four posessions have ended in an offensive foul.

2:51pm- The Cougars have called timeout with 2:52 to go in the third quarter. They are leading 37-24.

2:56pm- Ian Chiles, a 7-foot senior center on Paterson Catholic, has a great physique. He has a great body type for a big man. He is tall, and he isn't too skinny or too heavy like many high schools bigs are.

2:57pm- The third quarter has just come to a close, and Paterson Catholic has full control of this game, up by 15, 43-28.

3:02pm- Vinson knocked down a mid-range jump-shot. He has played well today, but the team just isn't clicking.

3:03pm- Jayon James is a superb player. He is big and tall, has a good build, and he is able to dribble and pass quite well. His handle is solid, and he has some nice moves.

3:06pm- The Cougars lead 49-30 with about 4:20 to play.

3:07pm- Jordan Theodore has great quickness, and he will taking it with him to Seton Hall next year.

3:08pm- The Mustangs are having a really rough night. They are trailing by 22 and there is just 3:39 left in the game. Montrose has managed just 30 points through 28+ minutes.

3:10pm- Armwood and Spurlock have been pretty much silent from start to finish, and Terrell Vinson has been forced to do it all himself. The Mustangs need more than just one player to have a good game in order to get the W.

3:11pm- Theodore just drained two free throws, and his Cougars are leading 54-30.

3:13pm- James just had a deuce for the Cougars. They are manhandling the Mustangs.

3:16pm- Paterson Catholic gets the win with a final scoer of 57-34. They dominated the Mustangs for all but the first few minutes of the game.

3:17pm- Jordan Theodore was the game's lone MVP.

3:58pm- After the game, I talked with Jayon James and Jordan Theodore of Paterson Catholic, as well as Isaiah Armwood of Montrose Christian. Check back in the near future to see a write-up of the interview.

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