Saturday, February 9, 2008

Primetime Shootout Live Blog- Academy of New Church vs. Timber Creek

Hello, it's Alex Schwartz once again. Today I'm at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey for the Primetime Shootout. The day is about to get underway, with Timber Creek (NJ) and Academy of New Church (PA). Timber Crrek is led by senior Tyler Hines, while ANC is led by senior Sam Givens and his younger brother, junior Shannon Givens. ANC is the only team to beat St. Benedict's (NJ) thus far.

10:32am- A three-ball from Timber Creek has cut the lead to 4-3 with just over 5:30 to go in the first quarter

10:33am- Four-point play from Timber Creek. It's 7-4 with about 5:00 left in the first quarter.

10:34am- Sam Givens missed two at the line. Timber Creek scored a bucket at the other end. Sam Givens then came back with a deuce of his own. Timber Creek leads 9-7.

10:38am- Yet another three from Timber Creek, which is followed by a basket from the Lions of ANC. It's 12-11 in favor of Timber Creek.

10:41am- Two big plays there from the Lions. First, they drained a three, then Shannon Givens stole the ball and scored on a fast break layup, putting his team ahead 18-12.

10:43am- The score remains 18-12 heading into the second quarter.

10:47am- It's about two minutes into the second quarter. Sam Givens has been pretty quiet thus far.

10:48am- Well, Sam Givens just scored the last four points for the Lions.

10:50am- Beauty of a pass from Sam Givens down low, for a beautiful up-and-under for ANC.

10:52am- ANC leads 26-21. Tyler Hines has been silent for the Chargers of Timber Creek.

10:55am- Another basket from Sam Givens. He is coming on strong. ANC is starting pull away, as they have a 12 point lead, 33-21, with 2:32 left in the first half.

10:50am- The Givens brothers seem to have a good rapport. They communicate well and find each other on the court. The brother combination is working for the Lions.

11:01am- The Chargers were unable to convert on an and-one shot. The lead is 34-24.

11:02am- Larry Loughery with the jam to end the half. The Lions of ANC are taking a 36-24 lead into the break.

11:03am- Loughery and Sam Givens both had 13 for the Lions. Montez Blair led the way for Timber Creek, with 14. He has displayed a pretty shot, that he can knock down from long-range.

11:13am- Sam Givens has ben on fire for about the past seven or so minutes of play. He is scoring, dishing it out, and he just had a nice block. This guy is a great player.

11:15am- Meanwhile, Tyler Hines has still be silent for Timber Creek. He hasn't done much for the Chargers, though he did just pick up his third foul with 5:20 to go in the third quarter. ANC leads 41-24.

11:22am- Update: ANC leads 46-33 with 2:26 remaining in the third quarter.

11:23am- Loughery just hit two free throws. He has been quite impressive so far.

11:24am- Gorgeous touch pass from Loughery to Sam Givens down low. He hit the shot and got fouled. Givens could not convert on the and-one. Loughery was called for his second foul while going for the board.

11:29am- The Lions just scored on a pretty layup, putting them up 56-38. That will be the score at the end of the third.

11:31am- Sam Givens is not in for ANC to start the fourth quarter, most likely because the game is in-hand for the Lions.

11:32am- Hines is moving around down low, trying to get the ball, but he unable to break free to receive an open pass for a layup. ANC is doing a great job defending the senior.

11:36am- I guess I was wrong, as Sam Givens is back in. ANC is leading 60-41 with just over 5:00 left.

11:37am- Beautiful dish from Shannon Givens for an easy ANC layup down low.

11:39am- The Lions are continuing to dominate. Loughery just scored on an up-and-under. ANC is ahead 68-45 after a Timber Creek basket.

11:41am- ANC has brought in a number of tehir reserves. The Lions are taking advantage, as they have scored on their last two posessions, including a converted and-one.

11:42am- Another Timber Creek bucket, which is followed up by a basket from ANC, who leads by 20, with one minute left.

11:43am- Montez Blair has not done much this half, and Marquise Smith has picked up the slack, scoring a ton of points.

11:44am- Timber Creek is continuing to score, but the game is out of reach.

11:45am- Smith scored on a layup to end the contest. ANC wins by a final of 72-58.

12:01pm- Junior guard Collin Johnson was the MVP for Timber Creek, with 14 points. Meanwhile, Larry Loughery was the MVP for ANC with 19 points. Sam Givens dropped 20, and Shannon scored 13. Marquise Smith led Timber Creek is points with 19. Junior Montez Blair scored 16.

12:08pm- I talked to Sam Givens after the game. I'll fill you in on that later.