Friday, February 8, 2008

Live Blog- Oak Hill vs. Piscataway

Oak Hill Academy (VA) is facing off against Piscataway (NJ) right now. I'll catch you up on the action.

7:56pm- Oak Hill was up 20-7 after the first quarter, led by senior guard Brandon and junior big man Keith Gallon.

7:59pm- Piscataway junior guard Thomas Bennett just went baseline and made a beautiful pass to junior Aaron Hush who hit a jumper.

8:00pm- Aaron Hush grabbed an offensive rebound, put in in, and got fouled. He missed the and-one.

8:01pm- With 4:52 to go in the first half, Oak Hill leads 26-14, after a Piscatawy put-back off an offensive rebound from a missed free throw. It was Aaron Hush who put that one in. He doen not seem at all indimidated by the imposing squad from Oak Hill.

8:03pm- Piscataway will not let Oak Hill run away with this game, as they are playing strong D, and getting to the hoop on offense. In addition, they have tired out "Tiny" Gallon, who is not moving around much under the hoop on defense. Coming back in after a timeout, Gallon is getting a breather, and Jennings is back on the court.

8:06pm- WOW!! Hush just swatted Oak Hill junior Glenn Bryant under the hoop. Big play. He couldn't finish on the other end, though.

8:08pm- Gallon has re-entered the game. Jennings is showing some great moves out here. Piscataeway is keeping it close though, as it's 32-14, after a beautiful no-look pass from Brandon Jennings to forward Dan Jennings for a dunk.

8:10pm- It's 32-16 after two free throws from Hush. Oak Hill has nine fouls, while the Chiefs of Piscataway have just three.

8:11pm- B. Jennings just made a beauty of a pass to sophomore forward Bryon Allen, who was unable to finish down low as the buzzer sounded ending the first half. It's 34-16 after one half.

8:12pm- Brandon Jennings has show great abilities as a floor leader on the Oak Hill side, while Aaron Hush is playing spectacularly for Piscataway.

8:30pm- B. Jennings just stole the ball at about the three-point line, went the length of the court, and drew a foul. Brandon is a special talent. He did seem to slow down as he got closer to the hoop, rather than continuing at full speed for the easy finger-roll or dunk. Instead, he went up for an underhanded layup around four feet inside the free throw line. Oak Hill is starting to run away with the game, as it's 45-20, and the players seem to be letting up a bit.

8:34: Gallon still seems to be moving a bit slowly, though he did just get down the court and hit close-up shot on a pass from Brandon Jennings.

8:37pm- B. Jennings just showed his range with three-pointers on back-to-back posessions. It's now 55-23 with 35 seconds to go in the third quarter.

8:40pm- It's 58-23 after three quarters. Oak Hill has officially taken over this contest.

8:47pm- Piscataway can't buy a bucket at this point . . . the shots just aren't falling anymore. Brandon Jennings just received an outlet pass and went in for a dunk. He has been the most impressive player on the court in this game.

8:50pm- B. Jennings just came out, probably for good, with about 5:00 to go. He played absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see him in action for Arizona next year. If Chase Budinger and Jerryd Bayless stay in school, the Wildcats will be outstanding.

8:56pm- Glenn Bryant just stole the ball at about midcourt and went to the hoop and got way up for a beautiful jam. The next time down the court, sophomore swingman Pe'Shon Howard made a beautiful no-look pass. Oak Hill is truly an incredible team.

9:41pm- Oak Hill ended up winning 81-39. Dan Jennings was the MVP for Oak Hill, and Omar Smith won MVP for Piscataway.

9:42pm- I spoke with Keith Gallon of Oak Hill, as well as Oak Hill head coach Steve Smith. In addition, I talked with Omar Smith of Piscataway. I'll post these interviews in the near future.

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