Sunday, February 10, 2008

Primetime Shootout Live Blog- Linden vs. St. Raymond's

In the second contest here on Sunday at the Primetime Shootout, the Ravens of St. Raymond's (NY) and the Tigers of Linden (NJ) are squaring off in a cross-state battle. The Tigers are led by senior guard Desmond Wade, and the Ravens' roster includes senior guard Darryl Bryant. By the way, in case you were wondering, St. Joseph's (NJ) lost to Notre Dame (NJ) in the first game today, and I spoke with Notre Dame's MVP, senior guard Julian Diaz. Here is what is going on in the game happening right now:

12:13pm- With just under over minutes having already been played, St. Ray's is up 10-9.

12:16pm- Junior guard Omari Lawrence of St. Ray's was unable to finsih at the hoop, but he made a great play to get there. He has a nice handle.

12:17pm- Linden senior guard Jerelle Louis drained a three to put his team up three, 14-11.

12:20pm- Lawrence jammed one home on a pass from Bryant with about 10 seconds to go. Linden then responded with a bucket of its own. The first quarter has ended, with the Tigers ahead of the Ravens 18-14.

12:27pm- Senior center Charlton Wilson of Linden is a big guy. He is built similarly to "Tiny" Gallon, but is about six inches shorter, and maybe 35 or 45 pounds lighter. Wilson is much more mobile on both ends of the floor than Gallon, but it's the six inches that gives Gallon the advantage and makes him a much more well-known player. The two aren't playing agaisnt each other, though I do think that would be fun to watch, seeing how they matchup.

12:31pm- The Tigers are leading 26-18 after a bucket from Desmond Wade. There is just under 2:30 left in the half.

12:32pm- Junior forward Kevin Parrom of the Ravens answered with a traditional three-play. At the other end, Parrom fouled Charlton Wilson, who will step to the line for two shots. Wilson made both shots, and the lead is seven.

12:36pm- Junior forward David Bruce had a tip-in off a missed shot right before the buzzer sounded, giving his Linden squad an eight-point cushion at the end of the half. The score is 32-24.

12:45pm- No one really stood out to me as head-and-shoulders above the rest in the first, though there were a few guys who seemed to be great tealents, inlcuding Desmond Wade of Linden and Darryl Bryant of St. Raymond's.

12:49pm- David Bruce had a nice basket down low, and Desmond Wade got the assist off a nice dish, finding the open man. Bruce turned it into a three-point play.

12:52pm- Bruce hit on one of two free throws just now.

12:53pm- Kevin Parrom grabbed an offensive rebound and got fouled by Charlton Wilson. He hit both shots at the line.

12:54pm- Darryl Bryant drained a three-ball to cut the lead to seven, 38-31.

12:55pm- Tyreak Johnson, a junior guard on S. Ray's, has sliced the lead down to five with a nice layup.

12:56pm- Desmond Wade just assisted Charlton Wilson, and the lead is back up to seven.

12:57pm- A trey was just hit by Darryl Bryant, and the Linden lead has been pushed down to only four.

12:58pm- Delroy Daley, a senior forward on St. Ray's, just knocked down a deuce. Linden is up by that same amount, two. The Tigers lead 40-38 with 2:42 to play in the third.

12:59pm- Sophomore forward Quadeer Lewis setup David Bruce for a bucket, but he missed down low. Bruce was able to tip it back in, though. That was nice court vision from the sophomore.

1:02pm- Tyreak Johnson just hit back-to-back layups on fast breaks to put St. Ray's ahead 44-42. There is 39.8 remaining in the third quarter.

1:05pm- Linden couldn't convert at the buzzer, so the Ravens will take a two-point lead into the last quarter of play.

1:07pm- Wilson plucked a board out of the air, and used his elbows to clear away the defenders trying to re-gain posession. Charlton is playing a solid game for the Tigers. He did almost throw the ball away on offense just now, but a teammate was able to pick up the deflected pass.

1:12pm- Wade was short on a three. He has a nice stroke, but he may be kicking his legs out in front of him a bit much, possibly to compensate for height. He is just 5-'9".

1:13pm- Wade hit a deuce, then Lawrence did the same, as the teams traded buckets. St. Ray's is up 49-45 with 4:54 to play.

1:14pm- Two free throws from Jerelle Louis cut the Ravens' lead down to two.

1:15pm- St. Ray's has called timeout with 4:33 left in regulation.

1:16pm- Parrom stole a pass in the back-court, got fouled, and missed both shots at the stripe.

1:17pm- St. Ray's is full-court pressing, and it is working. First they forced they forced a bad pass that PArrom grabbed, and didn't let Linden get out of the back-court, causing a ten-second violation.

1:18pm- Louis had a three-point play, then Lawrence answered with a basket to re-gain the lead for the Ravens. Bruce answered with a deuce. Lawrence then scored, drew a foul, and connected on the free throw, putting the Ravens up two.

1:21pm- David Bruce had a bucket, and drained the free throw for a traditional three-point play. The Tigers are ahead 55-54 with 2:03 remaining.

1:24pm- Senior guard Justin Alston missed a three for St. Ray's, then Linden was able to break the press. Desmond Wade was fouled, and hit both shots at the charity stripe, stretching the lead out to three.

1:25pm- Lawrence had a nice steal, then a beautiful no-look pass to Parrom, who put the ball in the hoop. Linden is up one with 65 seconds to play.

1:26pm- Parrom had a sensational block down low, but Linden got the ball abck after it went out-of-bounds. Desmond Wade then drained a shot, pushing the lead back out to three.

1:27pm- Darryl Bryant is at the stripe for a one-and-one. He hit the first. His second shot is also good.

1:28pm- A nice pass from Louis to freshman guard Elijah Hodge broke the St. Ray's pressure. Desmond Wade was fouled with the ball, and he proceeded to knock down both shots. Linden leads 61-58 with the clock showing 19.8.

1:30pm- St. Ray's called a timeout as soon the ball crossed half-court. There is now 14.6 to go.

1:32pm- Parrom was unable to find an open man to in-bound the ball to, and was forced to call timeout. That was some heads-up thinking by the junior, though.

1:34pm- Darryl Bryant hit a contested three to tie the game. Linden wasn't able to hit 85-foot buzzer-beater. This game is going to overtime. The period will be four-minutes long. St. Ray's had 10+ fouls, and Linden has seven.

1:36pm- Omari Lawrence came up with a big bucket to start the scoring. Linden then missed two shots at the other end, but forced a jump-ball, to re-gain posession after a St. Ray's rebound.

1:37pm- Desmond Wade with a bucket, and he is fouled by Darryl Bryant. Wade makes it a three point-play, and Linden leads by one.

1:38pm- Quadeer Lewis blocked Lawrence, who then fouled Desmond Wade. The Houston-bound senior hit the first of two at the stripe. Linden is up by a deuce.

1:40pm- Parrom missed the front end of a one-and-one, and Linden grabbed the board. The Tigers were called for traveling at the other end, giving the ball back to St. Ray's.

1:41pm- Parrom, who was down low, couldn't hang on to a pass from Johnson, and the Ravens turned the ball over. Elijah Hodge was fouled running the fast break, and he made the second of two shots with under two minutes to go.

1:42pm- David Bruce fouled Omari Lawrence as he was going up for a shot after grabbing an offensive board. Lawrence missed his first shot. Lawrence's second is good.

1:43pm- St. Ray's is down 66-64 with 1:21 left in overtime.

1:44pm- Tyreak Johnson fouled David Bruce, who made two free throws, strething the lead to four. That was Tyreak's fourth foul.

1:45pm- Parrom is at the charity stripe after being fouled. His forst shot was good, but his second wouldn't fall.

1:46pm- Desmond Wade was fouled with 56.9 remaining. Wade has connected on both shots, and the lead is five.

1:47pm- Bruce got fouled after getting a defensive rebound off a missed three. He sank both shots at the line. At the other end, Bruce grabbed another board on a missed shot by Darryl Bryant.

1:48pm- Bruce is at the line after being fouled. There is 37.4 left to play. He hit both shots, and the lead is nine.

1:49pm- Johnson and Parrom both missed close-ups and Bruce is back at the line after being fouled. He made the second of two, and Linden leads by 10.

1:50pm- Senior guard Julio Gomez drained a trey for St. Ray's, but it was too little too late. Bruce closed out the contest with a bucket.

1:51pm- Darryl Bryant had 25 points and was MVP for the Ravens. David Bruce was the MVP for Linden with 29 points.

2:03pm- I caught up with David Bruce after the team's big win. I'll be posting the interview when I have a chance.

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