Sunday, February 10, 2008

Live Blog- Bordentown vs. Abington Friends

The Bordentown (NJ) Scotties and the Abington Friends (PA) Kangaroos are facing off in the final game of this year's Primetime Shootout. Bordentown's roster is filled with juniors and seniors, as only two of the team's 12 players are not in either the class of 2008 or 2009. Abington Friends is led by 6'5" senior swingman Bryan Cohen. This should be a good game. I'll be updating you on the action as the game moves along.

9:54pm- The Scotties are ahead 10-3 after about four minutes of play.

9:58pm- It's now 10-6 with 90 seconds to go.

10:00pm- Bordentown just called timeout. There is 52.8 left, and the score is still 10-6.

10:02pm- Neither team could convert in the closing seconds of the quarter, so it remains 10-6 in favor of the Scotties after eight minutes of play.

10:07pm- This is a very low scoring game, as only four points have been scored in the second quarter, despite being over two minutes in. Bordentown has a 12-8 lead.

10:13pm- There is just under 3:00 left in the second quarter, and the Scotties have a 17-11 lead. No one has really stood out from either team.

10:15pm- Bryan Cohen went 1/2 at the line just now, cutting Bordentown's lead down to five, 17-12. There is just over two minutes to play in the second quarter.

10:17pm- Senior forward Zac Bohanon has come up with a number of offensive rebounds for the Scotties, but he is struggling to score after getting the board.

10:18pm- The Scotties just had a bucket, pushing their lead out to 11. That will be the lead entering the half, with the Scotties leading 23-12. Abington Friends is having a lot of trouble of trouble putting the ball in the hoop.

10:25pm- Brandin Youngblood, a senior swingman on Bordentown, leads all scorers with a quiet 11 points through the first half of play.

10:29pm- Bryan Cohen just picked up his third personal foul, and it's only 50 seconds into the second half. Things are not looking good for the Kangaroos, though senior forward Mike Walther did just have a bucket to cut the lead to 10.

10:31- Bryan Cohen just had a nice play, receiving a pass dribbling, and hitting a runner. Cohen got gis fourth personal foul at the other end, though. There is still over 11 minutes to play, and Cohen has no fouls to give.

10:37pm- Bordentown has doubled Abington Friends' score, leading 36-18, with about 2:30 left in the third quarter. The Scotties just knocked down a three, cutting the lead to 15.

10:41pm- Two free throws from the Kangaroos has cut the lead down to 13, 38-25, with under one minute to go.

10:44pm- Senior swingman Jon Kohler, who had seven points in the first half, knocked down a buzzer-beating three-ball, giving the Scotties a nice 17-point cushion to work with in the last quarter of play. They lead by a score of 43-26.

10:48pm- Cohen grabbed a loose ball after a missed shot by the Scotties, and he passed it up to freshman guard Joe Gripper, who was unable to convert on the fast break layup.

10:50pm- Kohler hit two free throws to stretch Bordentown's lead out to 19. The Scotties are up 47-28 with about 5:30 left in the game.

10:53pm- Bryan Cohen just had the ball knocked away from him along the baseline. He has been quiet all night, as this Bordentown defense has completely shut down the Kangaroos. Cohen just came out of the game, most likely for good, at theer is just over four minutes to go.

10:54pm- Gripper just scored on a fast break for Abington Friends. He has great hops and quickness. The freshman is only 5'10", but he has shown great potential tonight.

10:57pm- Anthony Samuels,a junior forward for the Kangaroos, hit two at the line.

10:59pm- Another freshman on Abington Friends, 5'11" Jabril Trawick, has also played well tonight. He needs to add some bulk to his frame, but the guard has had a few nice plays this evening.

11:01pm- Trawick just hit a deuce, got fouled, and turned it into a three-point play. Bordentown's lead is down to only nine.

11:02pm- Trawick is back at the line shooting two, he missed the first, but did connect on his second attempt.

11:03pm- The Scotties are up eight, 49-41, with exactly 1:00 to play. Abington Friends has come on strong down the stretch.

11:04pm- Kohler went 1/2 at the line with 58.7 to go.

11:06pm- Bordentown hit two free throws, then Abington Friends nailed a three to cut the lead to seven.

11:09pm- Josh Leopold, a senior forward, hit a jumper at the buzzer for the Kangaroos to end the game.

11:10pm- Jabril Trawick won MVP for Abington Friends with 14 points. Jon Kohler got the award for Bordentown. He had 25 points. He shot 20/25 at the free throw line. That's an impressive 80%.

9:14am- Just to let you know, I talked to Jon Kohler after his great perfomance in Bordentowtn's 55-48 win. I will get that up sometime soon.

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